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B2B eCommerce
he first wave of Internet companies has been consumer based, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the next wave will be business based. According to Forrester Research, online B2B sales have already surpassed B2C sales and gap between the two will continue to rise by manifolds. In recent times, B2B e-commerce space has received tremendous attention with mind boggling growth projections. At one side research firm like IDC and Forrester estimate the B2B market size to be anywhere between US $ 1 to 1.3 trillion by 2003, on the other hand recent Gartner group report projects transactions worth US $ 7.3 trillion to be conducted globally through online B2B market space by 2004. Various research agencies might differ in their estimate of the actual size of the market but all of them are unanimous in predicting a meteoric growth for online B2B Markets. Although some of these B2B transactions will be routed directly from buyer to seller, we believe that a large portion of these online transactions will be increasingly routed through Net based intermediaries who will provide a single marketplace that facilitates transaction between buyers and sellers within a single industry community.

is also one such initiative to bring together buyers and sellers for Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector from across the world. This B2B portal is soon going to follow an exchange model which allows a 'seller' to make available his products to global audience. At the same time, it also provides 'buyers' the tool for locating the product with right specification and delivery conditions at a very competitive price. AND WorldChemnet brings this huge opportunity knocking at your door by announcing their Business Affiliation Program (BAP). The program aims to create a networked community to promote and deliver virtual commerce (e-Commerce) in real world. The global chemical and Pharmaceutical trade is expected to reach a size of 1.9 trillion US $ by year 2003. Forrester Research estimates that out of this, Net Exchanges (similar to WorldChemnet) will route a business worth US $ 120 billion to 150 billion through them.

Business Affiliation Program offers you a chance to become part of 'dot-com ' revolution by making you a partner in the process of delivery of a fully integrated eCommerce solution to the Chemical & Pharmaceutical community worldwide. You will be solely responsible for your region and will coordinate all the activities of exchange in your region
This association not only increases your ability to serve your client better but also adds value to your client by providing them a host of services through WorldChemnet. Our BAP is designed with one basic goal in mind : To help you grow your business and create extra values for our clients which in turn helps exchange to grow.

Your Benefits

 1. Additional means of Revenue
 2. You become part of e-commerce revolution - One of the fastest growing business worldwide
 3. No limit on the revenue to be generated. It will directly be proportional to the business you can route through the exchange.

Pre requisite to join the program :
  1. It is mandatory that you are a member of WorldChemNet
  2. You should be connected with Chemical & Pharmaceutical world in any capacity such as trader, supplier, buyer, transporter, consultant etc.
  3. You must have access to Internet.
  4. Basic Knowledge of English and Computer is preferable though not necessary.

How to Join :

Please fill in the affiliation form.
We shall review the same and shall get back to you within 15 days with further details.
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