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Online Chemical & Pharmaceutical Exchange 
 Global B2B Chemical and Pharmaceutical Marketplace

Neutral platform for buyers and sellers around the world
A marketplace where buyers & sellers maximize value through competitive bidding
Negotiation features such as:
    - Multi parameter (Quantity. Price, Shipment terms, Payment terms etc.)
    - Time stamping and expiry of bids to facilitate timely negotiations.
    - Simultaneous negotiation with multiple buyers/sellers for same product

Open platform for buyers and sellers.
No Intermediary, Direct contact for buyer or seller
Free Postings for Buyers
Direct Off-Site Trade Negotiation and Confirmation

Private e-commerce channel for Corporate, Manufacturers and Large Cos.
Full administrative operating control for Client (Corporate Desk Owner)
Powered by exchange engine for dynamic pricing and negotiation
Simultaneous negotiations with multiple buyers
Facility to route business through supply chain

Only selected products with high demand/supply
Powered by exchange engine for dynamic trading
Competitive and Comparative bidding/negotiations
One stop shop for specific products
01 November 2014
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