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Principal Seller-Sell-Side e-commerce
Principal Seller is a solution for the rapid deployment of B2B electronic sales management. The Principal Seller application is part of the Principal B2B Commerce Platform - an open infrastructure of inter-operable software solutions and Web-based commerce services.

  Tangible Business Values:  
Principal Seller is designed to help businesses aggressively supplement their sales channels. It also helps you optimize distribution strategy, reduce costs, reach more customers and drive top line growth. By raising awareness of your products and service, Principal seller also assists in building brand equity as you transition from a static informational Web site to one that is dynamic, interactive and capable of processing transactions.

  What Principal Seller Can Do For Your Business ?  
Attract new customers and do more with existing customers‚ Principal Seller increases your sales by raising your visibility, building customer loyalty and enhancing customer service‚giving you a competitive edge.

Increase sales by enhancing the purchase experience‚ With an effective Internet presence, you can instantly reach and attract new customers and distributors worldwide. Online catalogs enable your customers to search, select and buy, quickly and conveniently, reducing customer frustration.

Shorten Fulfillment & Billing Cycles‚ Principal seller enables customers to place orders faster and helps keep important customer information current. Principal seller also provides a customer-specific transaction processing system that supports automatic and manual order approval. Activity reports for your management can be generated and order history can be archived.

> Product catalogue display
> Profiling and personalization
> User authentication
> Administration
> Price negotiation (dynamic pricing)
> Order management
> Tax calculation
> Payment (future offering)
> Fulfillment services (future offering)
> Reports and Analysis

Customer service functionality

Better Reach. Seller can now extend the business to more customers beyond their existing circle crossing the geographical boundaries through Internet presence.

Be Informed. With web presence, Seller can now get better information about the buyer, prospective customers and target them more effectively.

Improved Customer Support. Online market increases the customer loyalty by speeding up ordering and order status checking.

   Value Propositions:  
Electronic Catalogue based Sale
By publishing Product specification and technical documents online and giving customers access to order information, companies can save huge amount spent on printing, order and specifications errors and telephone based technical support.

Cost reduction
Cost reduction through greater process efficiency is one of the driving value propositions to setup the e-commerce sales channel for every enterprise

Scalability and expansion
One of the most prominent factors of the web is its scalability through technological leverage. Future expansion and scaling up of the operation is almost without any additional manpower or capital investments.

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