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Principal Buyer e-Procurement Solution
Principal Buyer is a solution for the rapid deployment of B2B electronic procurement. The Principal Buyer application is part of the Principal B2B Commerce Platform - an open infrastructure of inter-operable software solutions and Web-based commerce ser


In every corner of the world, enterprises of all sizes are discovering the significant benefits of Internet-based procurement: It replaces inefficient manual purchasing procedures, reduces costs by automating and expediting the process, instantaneously connects buyers with suppliers, and increases transparency and collaboration.

With minimal training, Principal Buyer enables companies to streamline purchasing, directing their spending to preferred suppliers who can deliver their goods and services in real time, leading to greater economies of scale and procurement process efficiencies, substantially lower procurement costs, and significantly greater competitive advantage.


Comprehensive e-Procurement solution
Principal Buyer streamlines the requisition process, negotiations, purchase order transmission and supplier collaboration. Powerful reporting tools make it easy to run reports and analyses to identify trends, track spending, and forecast for strategic planning.

Global reach and scalability
Principal Buyer supports flexible options such as multiple currencies, payment terms and delivery schedules etc.

Dynamic Pricing Mechanism
Enables Enterprises to extend the procurement process beyond traditional RFQ (Request for Quote) by allowing the online negotiation and order confirmation.

  Lower cycle times and greater productivity
 > Reductions of 50 - 80% in cycle times for procurement process.
 > Collaborative sourcing environment.

Rapid Development and lower cost of ownership
 > The Entire solution can be deployed up and running in 8 weeks.
 > The solution is not based on expensive out-of-box e-commerce platforms

   Value Propositions:  
  A. Reduce Soft Costs
> Cut overhead costs by over 70% by locating suppliers, viewing product information, negotiating contracts and communicating with suppliers electronically.
> Reduced processing time, since approvals, orders, etc. are routed electronically.
> Automate dissemination of reoccurring bids and purchases.
> Less time to generate and process orders, reducing costs by over 50%.
> Savings On Purchasing pricing achieved through bid and negotiation process.
  B. Measurement
> Evaluate supplier contracts and performance.
> Reduced processing time, since approvals, orders, etc. are routed electronically.
> Evaluate buyer performance and purchasing data.
> Audit trail allows management to analyze spending patterns.
  C. Product Flexibility
> Seamless interface is designed to fit existing systems.
> Management tools allow organization to manage users, set spending limits, approve suppliers, and determine access levels.
> Customizable platform meets a company's unique needs and business processes.
  D. Information Management
> Suppliers maintain catalogs and information in real-time maximizing accuracy.
> Link to Web sites without leaving the program.
> Information is accessible 24/7; make informed purchasing decisions any time Powered by Principal e Business Platform.

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