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Principal Marketplace -B2B Exchange Principal Marketplace is a perfect solution for large trading houses to create the private marketplace for both their sales and sourcing. This solution can be deployed by large companies in consortium to create the well-knit community.

Principal Marketplace is a personalized channels for collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers to facilitate the buying and selling products and services. The Marketplace enables a company to protect its valuable proprietary information while streamlining its entire value chain and enhancing its relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

The Marketplace solution can be tailored depending on the participants: buyer-focused, seller-focussed or many-to-many marketplace.


Marketplace Solution is suitable for businesses/industries with following characteristics

> Large market size
> Fragmented buyers and Sellers
> High cost of sourcing
> Price Volatility
> Industry involving perishable goods, products with short cycle time

> Community Creation
> Secure and Personal
> Catalogue/RFQ backed by dynamic pricing mechanism.
> Multiple negotiations simultaneously
> Instant Communication
> Administrative controls
> Immediate PO/PR Generation
> Transaction progress tracking

> Increased liquidity
> Lower Transaction costs
> Increased mind share
> Streamline business processes
> Comparative negotiating power
> Greater price transparency
> Better production management
> Tighter inventory control
> Instant customer feedback


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